Poems; reviews of The Only Reason for Time; reviews of Night Letter

The Only Reason for Time, pamphlet from HappenStance, published 2013.  Sold out.  

Chosen as one of The Guardian's poetry books of the year, December 2013: “Full of elegant, gently piercing observations that build to a compelling portrait of love and loss and the overcoming of grief.” – Adam Newey.

Recommended in the PBS Bulletin for Autumn 2013: “Her voice is fresh and unexpected, bringing an innovative, metaphysical approach to domestic and elegiac material.” – Karen McCarthy Woolf and Luke Kennard.  

Reviewed in the Spring 2014 issue of Poetry London, Under the Radar issue 12, Orbis no. 164, and The North no. 51.

Reviewed online at Poor Rude Lines, Litrefs Reviews, London Grip, Gareth Prior's blog, Emma Lee's blog, Rogue Strands, Elsewhere, Sphinx, Sabotage.
Chosen as favourite pamphlet of 2013 on Anthony Wilson's blog.

“These terrific poems, wrestled from the darkness.” John Field, Poor Rude Lines.

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Night Letter, pamphlet from HappenStance, published September 2015.  Shortlisted for the 2016 Michael Marks Pamphlet Awards

Reviewed in The Frogmore Papers no.86, the autumn 2016 issue of Poetry London and online at Poor Rude Lines, Rogue Strands, Litrefs Reviews, Sphinx, Sabotage.

“These guys [Jeremy Paxman and Stephen Fry, who claim that contemporary poetry is irrelevant and anaemic] should be reading Fiona Moore.” John Field, Poor Rude Lines.

“A tender, reflective pamphlet, these are poems of shifting moods and clear eyed observations.” – Michael Marks Award judges.

Interview with me about Night Letter at Poetry Spotlight.

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