Poetry editing and reviews


Magma no.72, the Climate Change Issue, November 2018: co-edited with Eileen Pun and Matt Howard.   Editorial here

The Rialto no.81, summer's end 2014: reading to write - we asked 30+ Rialto poets to name poems and poetry that sparked poems.  

The Rialto no.80, spring/summer 2014: on editing the magazine.

The Rialto no.74, spring 2012: on taking part in the Masterclass at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, and writing and revising the poem discussed there. 

I was assistant editor at The Rialto from 2014-2017.

Reviews of poetry books I've written, apart from ones on Displacement:

Poetry London Summer 2017: Don't let me be lonely by Claudia Rankine and Void Studies by Rachael Boast 

The Poetry Review
Spring 2016: Best American Poetry 2015 edited by Sherman Alexie, and 2015 Best British Poetry edited by Emily Berry; review is online here.  
Autumn 2015: collections by Annie Freud and Sheri Benning.
Summer 2015: collections by Paul Henry, Anthony Howell and Gerry Murphy.
Autumn 2012: collections by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Nick Drake, Ian Pindar and Mary O'Malley.

Poetry Wales vol 50.3, winter 2014/15: review of collections by Deryn Rees-Jones and Jemma L. King.  

Voted Best Reviewer in the 2014 Saboteur Awards.  Shortlisted again in 2016.

Modern Poetry in Translation series 3 no.18, autumn 2012: review of books by Antonia Pozzi and Antonella Zagaroli.  

The Compass Magazine issue 4, summer 2016: Say Something Back by Denise Riley, Interference Pattern by JO Morgan, The Print Museum by Heidi Williamson.

London Grip review Nov 2015 of pamphlets by Nichola Deane and Wayne Price.

Elsewhere reviews website, 2013-14: reviews of collections by Alan Wall, Caleb Klaces, Gene Barry, Nikola Madzirov, John Wedgwood Clarke.

Sabotage Reviews, 2013-15: reviews of pamphlets by Cliff Yates, Dai Vaughan, John Barron, Ann Matthews; and of Emma Press anthology Best Friends Forever. 
2016: review of Elizabeth Burns' last pamphlet, Clay. And of Jay Bernard's The Red and Yellow Nothing.

Sphinx reviews of pamphlets, 2011-13: by Claire Trévien and JT Welsch in issue 19; by Lydia Fulleylove, Ahren Warner and Lydia Harris in issue 20; by Jake Campbell and Lizzie Madder in issue 21; by Tristram Fane Saunders and Matthew Griffiths in issue 23; by Emma Danes and Tim Liardet in issue 24


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  2. Caroline - go right to the end of the piece, below the photo. Click on 'no comments', and that should open a box, where you can write your comment. (I've no idea why it says 'no comments', one might think that 'please comment here', or similar, would be more welcoming!) Fiona